Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ahhhh!!! It finally came in! I received my Sailor Knot bracelet from The Vamoose. I absolutely lovvvve it!! Here it is below in all it's hipstomatic glory...not the best shot. Especially with my natty arthritis helpers also on my wrist!

Please make sure to visit:

Her pictures are MUCH better than mine! :-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welllll hello there!

Long time no post, huh?!

I'm not very good about keeping up with this blog posting thing. I got a new netbook, however, and I think it will help out with that! I've got some pics to post, some parties to talk about, and plenty of stuff coming up this summer to keep me busy on here! I'm in the middle of transferring files from my ancient desktop to the netbook and without the help of a USB cable it's a rough go!! Hopefully the BF can email me the location of one of those suckers so I can get some goodies posted on here.

In the mean's an old pic of yours truly!

This was taken waaaaaaaay back in 2007. The gorgeous girl on your right (my left) is Erica aka Floozey. I lovvvve that lady. She's been a great friend for many, many moons! Hopefully I'm going to get some quality Floozey time this Friday. Can't wait!!!