Thursday, December 30, 2010


All in all, 2010 was a killer year. I figured that because we only have two days left I would reminisce on some of the best and brightest moments. Here's some highlights:

-took TWO fab trips to Hot Springs, AR
-BF's lil sis got engaged
-BF and I bought a house (!!!)
-BF officially has a new name...FIANCE (!!!)

**I highly doubt I'll be calling BF 'fiance' that much...for some reason I'm frightened by that word. Seems VERY pretentious to me.

I've got a couple more exciting moments planned for the last waning ticks of 2010....tonight I'm getting fresh ink on my elbow to form a bit of an elbow "cuff", if you will. Two more roses will adorn my arm and I CANNOT wait. My right elbow/arm is slowly becoming a beautiful homage to my beautiful Nana...(love you and miss you, Nana! don'tcrydon'tcrydon'tcry) I will also be changing up my hair color in the next day or, blonde, blue??? Who knows! ;-) Friday night will definitely make new memories. A wonderful friend is having a house party for NYE and it should be EPIC. Definitely a don't miss. I'll take many a pic, I'm sure.

Next year will include many exciting things. I'm looking forward to decorating our home and slowly planning our wedding (eep!). The planning should be tough but fun. A very dear friend has offered her amazing skillz to help us out and I couldn't be more thrilled by that. Another has offered her help with invites/stationary or just use of her awesome discount for DIY supplies for those types of things. I'm also excited to see my future sis-in-law get hitched in October. It should be a beautiful event to say the least!

I've got some big goals for 2011, too. I've got to get my fitness/eating bidness on TRACK. No more fooling around eating like there are no consequences. I don't want people to tell me I look pretty on my wedding day...I want them to whisper to one another that I look smokin' hot. ;-) I also hope to motivate myself to blog more. I'd like to share more of my outfit looks and chronicle the epic journey of house decorating and wedding planning. Stay don't want to miss any of the awesome. Ha!

So...auf Wiedrsehen, au revoir, hasta la vista. I'll see ya on the flip side....IN FRIGGIN 2011!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Looks like I'm doing really good at the whole two posts a month thing. Oh well! Between real life, two twitter accounts, FB, and Tumblr I'm stretched a bit thin. :-) I've gotten much busier at work so my Tumblr posting is waaaaaaaaaaay down. Not that it was amazing to begin with. I just refuse to let something I do for enjoyment stress me out! I like to come over here and post at leisure or when I find something amazing I have to post about. I know my legions of fans (bahahahahahah) wait with baited breath to see what cool new stuff I've dug up!

So tonight I found a sweet pendant that this German girl HAS GOT TO HAVE.

Behold...the Lovely Oktoberfest Pretzel Pendant. Love love love it!

Pic via OliveandGold. OliveandGold found via Going Home to Roost.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just bought this fab AHOY THERE necklace from Louise at Super Duper Things! Can't wait to get it!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm back from vacation! It was amazing as usual. Hot Springs is such a great, fun, laid back place! We have tons of stories and memories from this trip. I'd like to give a shout out to a wonderful shop we found downtown.

Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium in Hot Springs, AR is a lovely little shop. Everything is handcrafted and smells delicious. On a recent trip to Hot Springs, I walked away with a bottle of her 3-in-1 Body Wash, Bubble Bath, & Shampoo. I chose the Milk scent. It is to die for! Check her out and order, order, order!!! :-)



Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Ready!

In just over a week I will be en route to Hot Springs, AR. I've grown to love this sleepy little town after just two visits. The BF and I were potentially going to even become land owners, we love it so much! Alas, someone outbid us on the parcel. Oh well. Another time! In nine days we will be embarking on what is apparently becoming an annual trip with our friends. There will be much boating and boozing going on! It really is a great time and I cannot wait to get some rest and relaxation under my belt. I also can't wait to visit here...

This is the Buckstaff Bath House. It is located on Bath House Row in quaint downtown Hot Springs. It has been in service since 1912 and still functions the same way it did the first day the doors opened! I am soooo excited to experience the thermal mineral bath treatment. I hope to have glowing reviews! You can visit here for more info on the history of the gorgeous bath house.

*picture taken by The Painted Daughter

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I know. I suck. AKA This is for Whitney. ;-)

I would like to apologize to my legions of fans. I know you look forward to my ridiculously frequent posts. My wit and sharp fashion sense are a necessity in your life. I understand.

Bhahahahahahaahh! Who am I kidding? I go through long spells where I could care less about sharing with people. And starting around the July 4th holiday I just wasn't down with being all computer-y. Probably because I have been sick for the last month and sit at a computer all day at work. Also, I ordered some sweet, sweet books. I read Cop Without a Badge, which was fabulous. I also got the first eight books of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I just started #4 this morning before work.

On to the above picture...I have NO idea who to give credit for this one. If you know which blog I saw it on, please leave a comment. I would hate to break any bloggy rules for my snatching of the pic. It's title is something about Marie Antoinette. I think it's gorgeous and breathtaking. I also think it would make the MOST wonderful tattoo. My left arm needs some new adornment. The water color and lack of hard lines is really appealing to me. That would make it a great counter to all of my old school sailor tats on my right arm. I'm thinking the inner left arm. Where's it's nice and pale...and tender. Yikes! But one day...expect to see it! :-)

P.S. Are you happy now, Whit?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ahhhh!!! It finally came in! I received my Sailor Knot bracelet from The Vamoose. I absolutely lovvvve it!! Here it is below in all it's hipstomatic glory...not the best shot. Especially with my natty arthritis helpers also on my wrist!

Please make sure to visit:

Her pictures are MUCH better than mine! :-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welllll hello there!

Long time no post, huh?!

I'm not very good about keeping up with this blog posting thing. I got a new netbook, however, and I think it will help out with that! I've got some pics to post, some parties to talk about, and plenty of stuff coming up this summer to keep me busy on here! I'm in the middle of transferring files from my ancient desktop to the netbook and without the help of a USB cable it's a rough go!! Hopefully the BF can email me the location of one of those suckers so I can get some goodies posted on here.

In the mean's an old pic of yours truly!

This was taken waaaaaaaay back in 2007. The gorgeous girl on your right (my left) is Erica aka Floozey. I lovvvve that lady. She's been a great friend for many, many moons! Hopefully I'm going to get some quality Floozey time this Friday. Can't wait!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm Sorry!

A couple of days a week I run with a couple of ladies from work on the Katy Trail in Dallas. It's a beautiful trail and is great for people watching! Now...I've heard that Troy Aikman runs the Trail often, but typically in the morning. Don't think I'm a stalker...he posts it to his Twitter! That's the only reason I know! I swear! Whit, Alicia, and I are jogging/walking right over the Lemmon Lane bridge and I spot someone coming towards us that looks VERY familiar. But...I give pause because he looks a bit older and most of the people I know out that way would be around my age. I also notice that despite being "older" he's pretty damn hot. And rocking a GREAT body. So I keep staring. Thank goodness for cheap, large sunglasses! And then it dawns on me!

THAT HOT OLDER GUY IS TROY AIKMAN!!!!! Yes...the Super Bowl winning past quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys! Swooooooooon city, ladies! I must admit...I never thought he was very handsome back in the day. He looked like every other podunk QB with a dip in his lip to me. (The football players here in Texas are just born good looking so it's old hat to us ladies!) But my goodness...age has treated the man well.

So. To reference this post's title....

Dear Troy Aikman, I sincerely apologize for staring at you slack-jawed while you were jogging on the Katy Trail. I can only imagine how annoying it is to have people stare at you while working out. Please accept my apology...I've never seen a hero in action a mere few feet away from me. Thanks for all the great football memories! Sincerely, The Painted Daughter


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Y'ALL. Go check out this Olive Manna giveaway on Sandy A La Mode! I really want this eggplant pennant fabric! Both blogs are so great!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's happening again!!!! Please head on over to Dear Lillie and check out the amazing giveaway! I reallllllly want to win the Adeliene dress in navy with red and ivory rosettes for July 4th! So pretty and festive!

*click on "Dear Lillie" above to be taken directly to the giveaway!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Get your tush over to Dear Lillie and check out all of their fabulous goods! I am in love with the Adeliene Dress shown below! Check out the blog as well. They have absolutely beautiful items for ladies and little ones. Due to some great site milestones they are hosting a killer giveaway, too!!

**Pic is from the Dear Lillie blog.**

Friday, April 30, 2010

I. Die.

Y'allllllll!! There is a fab giveaway going on at Gussy Has a Lot to Say (and Sew) that you must enter! She's giving away a gorgeous necklace from Uniquely E Jewelry. The purple and gold beaded chain is soooo would be great for work, dinner dates, cocktails...really anything. Please head on over and enter to win. Also, look into Gussy's beautiful bags and blankets and buy bunches.

I am soooo sooo sooo coveting this ring from Uniquely E Jewelry. I just ran over and grabbed it!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

THE Shoes.

I love these shoes. I mean...I LOVVVVVVVVE these shoes!!! They were a gift from my uber-sweet boyfriend for my 30th birthday. It made being old just a smidge better. I think I have worn them maybe once after my birthday bash. And I don't really plan on wearing them again...

Wellllll, maybe one more time. Specifically whenever the BF and I decide to get hitched. I could care less if they match the colors we pick out or go with the vibe/theme. I WILL BE WEARING THESE SHOES!

They are currently sitting propped up in their box on my cluttered dresser. Every time I pass them I smile. They just make me happy. I really don't want to put so much of my happiness into something material....but they're red satin! And have little bows!!

I guess...the moral of the story is...the giddiness I feel when I look at the smooth lipstick-red satin is the same giddiness I feel when I look at my boyfriend. (Except, of course, when he's snoring...or working on his bear imitation...I'm still not convinced it's truly snoring.) And when we take some giant life changing plunge together I want to be reminded of that. So don't be surprised when we have children if I'm wearing them in the maternity ward.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twitter Twatter can either pronounce that title twaht-ter or twaaaatter. Up to you. I prefer the first one because I have the humor of a 13 yr old boy. Hah. :)

Anyway...and yes, it is 'anyway' not 'anyways' with an s on the end. That drives me insane. I know I'm not a perfect writer and my grammar is questionable (I am from Texas...let's not kid ourselves!) but come on. There is no need for an s on 'anyway'. Also, if you're going to write me a bitchy email at work asking for your money back PLEASE make certain that muther-trucker has been edited by an English professor. PET PEEVE ALERT!

Sorry about the tangent...I'll get to the point now. I have a brand spanking new twitter account just for this here bloggity blog! Woot woot! Please follow me on Twitter. My new "handle" is @painteddaughter. goes with the blog! And I like to call it a "handle". Not a twitter name or whatever we're supposed to call it. I'm trying to keep my original "handle" of @Ma_Jess for me personally. If you're following me there please follow me as @painteddaughter, too! It'll be fun! I swear! :)


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet The Gent.

This is my sweet boy. He goes by Baxter Chico and is 3.5 yrs old. He's the best doggy everrrr. He knows when I'm happy, sad, and mad...he also knows how to change my mood from sad/mad back to happy. His tongue sticks out at all times. He's overweight. He has issues with other dogs...except our neighbor's pit bull, Roxy. He loves his sweet girl! They have staring contests with one another from their respective balcony. I thought I'd give a small intro to Chico Suave. He's a major player in my game of life so I hope to have more posts about him. I could write hilarious stories about him almost on the daily. Maybe I'll make Saturday mornings the time for Baxter stories...since I don't get to sleep past 8:30 on the weekends because someone thinks he needs to be up and at 'em! ;)

**Ohhhh....I just went through a bunch of Chico pics. Tyra would be so proud of his ability to smize. He's totally America's Next Top Model material.**

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'll be honest...I'm not the most Earth friendly gal. I try. I really do. I make sure to turn the water off while I'm brushing my teeth and try to run the dishwasher with an absurd amount of dishes in it. And just recently I added an extra $4 to my energy bill (yikes...extra $$$ to that bill?) in order to join this Drive Neutral project with Green Mountain Energy. I've utilized Green Mountain for years...I pay a wee bit more per kW but it makes me feel a bit better. The BeGreen Texas Driver program plants 17 trees in a national reforestation project with each $4. Supposedly the 17 trees offsets five metric tons of CO2. I face a grueling 60 mile round trip commute five days a week. I hate it. I hate sitting in traffic. I hate what I'm doing to the Earth. I hate what I'm doing to my wallet. I hate that DFW has such shitty, expensive, limited mass transit. So. I do what I can. And if that means adding four extra smackers to my electric bill...I'm cool with it. Click the link below to visit the BeGreen Texas Driver program info page. And look into what little things you can do in your community to help out. I think if we all give just a smidge we will accomplish a lot! Never takes a village!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I can't resist...I have to post this in the middle of the work day!

I love Sunny Haralson and her blog I am also now a fan of her Etsy shop ( and must must must must have this dress!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Wow! It's been over a month since my last post. Not that I've got much to prattle on about, though.

Despite the BF being out of town I have had a fab weekend!

Friday evening included dinner/drinks with my mom and nephews. Those boys are just the absolute brightest parts of my life. The eight year old is waaaaay too smart for his own good and loves to learn learn learn! The three (almost four) year old is a wild man. He can keep me entertained for hours with his giggle and huge buck-toothed grin. I love playing Mommy to them when my sister isn't around!

Saturday morning I cleaned the apartment (!!!) because my co-worker was coming over for a visit. We had a lovely time together that included margaritas, wine, and boxer dogs! I look forward to having many more hang-out sessions with her. She's a great, vivacious, young lady!

Today is low key...I'm probably going to do laundry (blecht!) and maybe some sewing. I have a hankering for a new skirt. I also found this dress on a vintage site...I love it!

I've got to start getting serious about my sewing skillzzzz. If the BF and I ever get hitched I realllly want to be able to make my own dress. I feel I won't have to compromise as much due to budget constraints if I'm doing the work myself and I will be able to get almost exactly what I want. Pretty sure that will be a long way off so I will get ample practice time!

Hope you all have a great week!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Take Two!

I promise I won't be numbering every post. I'm still feeling all of this bear with me!

Tonight is a night of beauty...I have freshly dyed my hair, painted my nails a beautiful, bright blue, drank down some sweet Riesling, and watched a multitude of "lady" shows including: Say Yes to the Dress, What Not to Wear, and dvr'd Project Runway. I'm taking issue with a couple of things from two of the above mentioned shows...

This week's Project Runway had the designers making clothes for little girls. Almost every designer FREAKED out about having to deal with a kid. They appeared to be relatively well behaved tots, yet the contestants were appalled at the girls were running around and talking up a storm. That's what kids do. Keep in mind, these were not toddlers going through the terrible two's. Seven year olds are a breeze. Plus, they are can whip up an adorable dress for a first grader in an hour. Get over it. And Nina Garcia rolled her eyes at a five year old because the favorite thing about her outfit was her purse. Duh, Nina. She's five. She will not tell you the favorite thing about her outfit is her houndstooth hoodie. Baby Girl has no clue what those things are. Mom probably never lets her carry a clutch purse because they're for big girls...let her enjoy her purse, Nina! wrap this rant are kids. They are not evil creatures that will drain all your design abilities out of you. New fashionistas are formed at that young age. Girls like me, who worship at the alter of grown up fashion, started then. I could put on a believable full face of makeup by age five. Cut your clients some "slack" designers. OH. One more thing. I want that stripey jacket thingy Seth Aaron made for his adult model. To quothe RZ...I. DIE.

Next rant...Say Yes to the Dress. I take issue with this show to begin with because it glorifies spending ass loads of disposable income on a dress you wear once. Some of the dresses, however, are gorgeous and I get sucked in with all of the 'ooohing' and 'aaaahing'. Tonight. Oi vey. They did a plus size show. Barf. Not barf because women bigger than size ten were trying dresses on. Barf because of one family in particular. The rest were lovely stories about women learning to be beautiful in the size/shape they are. Awesome. Two thumbs up. One family, though. Ugh. The bride-to-be was probably a size 12...maybe 14. Not horribly large. She also appeared to be about 5'5" or so. Not too bad! Her mother and cousin ripped her apart because she was "fat". The bride also had a plan to lose twenty pounds by her wedding date. Fail. You are your size. Now...that is NOT to say you can't shed some pounds. Lord knows I wish I was shedding them now! BUT. Spending thousands of dollars on something you HOPE you can fit into at a later date is ridiculous! Why not just find something that looks good on you. And if your wedding isn't for another year...why not postpone the dress shopping until you've actually dropped some pounds?

Anyhoooo...that's my Friday night rant. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Monday, February 15, 2010

It feels like the first time....

Soooo....The Painted Daughter, you may ask? Well...that came from my father one day. I had acquired yet another tattoo and while telling one of his buddies about it, he referred to me as his "painted daughter". I was immediately smitten with it and have kept it to myself. I feel like I am finally ready to come out with the name I think is fabulous. I am completely a daddy's girl and this just gave me yet another reason to still be one. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this space...If I'll use it for the crafts I make, fashion shots, weight loss journal (eek!), or just to vent about the crap that irritates me to no end. Anyway...welcome to my little journey! I hope you enjoy...and if you don't...well, I'm pretty sure I won't miss you too much! ;)