Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am a self-professed bookworm. There is nothing I love more than cracking open the cover of a brand new book. Or strolling around the bookstore/library. Getting lost in a great book is the ultimate escape for me...I can be in a bustling room and not hear a thing once I've delved into the depths of a book. I bought a Kindle so I no longer get to crack a book open but the experience is just as exhilarating!

Book reading can be a fairly isolating experience, however, so I wanted to join a book "club" of sorts. Lo and behold...I discovered the Slow Readers Book Club! Woot! I've been reading Diana's blog for a few months and finally bit the bullet and joined the book club!

I can't wait to get into my first book, Finny: A Novel by Justin Kramon!

You can find more info about the club here. And you can check out the sweet button to ya left! :-)

DIY or DIE? part deux

Welllll. I done went and did it! I really didn't take any typical diy pics. I think you can figure it out...two lipsticks, a bowl, and a spoon. Mix. BAM. Awesome lipstick color. I think I am still a hair off on the color but I like how the two shades mixed together so I'm contemplating whether I want to raid my stash or not. Sometimes you just need to leave well enough alone! :-)

I used Revlon's Strawberry Suede and Milani's Rose Hip. Alone, these two shades rock my world. The Revlon color can be used during the day and is great in the summer. I am so in love with the Milani shade. It is truly one of my favorites. There is nothing better than a blue-toned neon pink lipstick!! If I have a bad day I definitely swipe it on before a night out!

Now, please excuse my beautimous face. I've been up since 5:30 am so cut me a little slack. ;-)

The pic really doesn't do it any justice...stupid point and shoot distorts the color. I probably should have applied it with a heavier hand, but the bright shade was a bit of a shock to my washed out face!

SO. Lesson learned? I can make a beautiful shade that a makeup artist can! Oh...I stored the mixed color in a gloss container with a screw on cap. I no longer used the color in the container so I just cleaned it out to store the new awesome.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I don't think I'll die if I don't get this diy done for you all...but I reallllllllly want lipstick the same color as the one Cate Blanchett wore to this month's Golden Globes. The bright, poppy pink is JUST what a pale, blue-eyed, (dyed) black haired chica like me needs.

Now, I'm sure Cate's makeup artist mixed 9 skillion different lippies together to get one gorgeous shade. That is lovely for such a special event but it is not realistic for this gal. I want to take this color with me everywhere. It is too pretty not to.

Beauty blog, Bella Sugar, suggested a few imitation lipsticks. None appear to be spot on, though.

The wonderful person (who has the same bday as me!) that runs the twitter account for Zuzii Shoes (@ZuziiShoes) suggested I get to diy'ing. (I'm sick with grief that I don't know that fab lady's *or man's* name!!!!)

I have a couple of colors that I think might make a good blend. One is the Revlon Strawberry Suede seen on the Bella Sugar list of suggestions. It's a great color, but it is no pink poppy. Tomorrow night I will venture out into the land of bloggy tutorialy/diy. By Monday, I hope to have some results and pics for you!

In the mean time, enjoy this:

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, I found my camera. If you follow me on Twitter (@painteddaughter) you know the location fell into my brain while drinking coffee yesterday morning! Thanks, brain!

The only downside to this NYE was that my camera pooped out right before things got to going gooood. :-( Oh well.

Here's some snaps:

We had a big bonfire in a small fire pit.

We had shots shots shots shotshotshots!

Yiiiiiikes. Apparently that was a bit strong for Tony!

We burned a pizza box.

I got a sweet pic of Jacob's beard.

And this was, seriously, the only pic of the BF and me I was able to get. Ha! Keep in mind, this is completely unedited. I guess we didn't realize if we held our arms farther out we might actually fit the frame!

I hope everyone had a safe and awesome New Year's Eve. And I hope you all were better prepared for picture-taking than I was! :-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


You know what is sooo hard to do? Posting pictures that are in the camera YOU CAN'T FIND ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! I'm obviously thrilled with this turn of events. ;-)

I promise to have some NYE pics soon! For now, just stare at how pretty me and the BF are. Ha!