Thursday, December 30, 2010


All in all, 2010 was a killer year. I figured that because we only have two days left I would reminisce on some of the best and brightest moments. Here's some highlights:

-took TWO fab trips to Hot Springs, AR
-BF's lil sis got engaged
-BF and I bought a house (!!!)
-BF officially has a new name...FIANCE (!!!)

**I highly doubt I'll be calling BF 'fiance' that much...for some reason I'm frightened by that word. Seems VERY pretentious to me.

I've got a couple more exciting moments planned for the last waning ticks of 2010....tonight I'm getting fresh ink on my elbow to form a bit of an elbow "cuff", if you will. Two more roses will adorn my arm and I CANNOT wait. My right elbow/arm is slowly becoming a beautiful homage to my beautiful Nana...(love you and miss you, Nana! don'tcrydon'tcrydon'tcry) I will also be changing up my hair color in the next day or, blonde, blue??? Who knows! ;-) Friday night will definitely make new memories. A wonderful friend is having a house party for NYE and it should be EPIC. Definitely a don't miss. I'll take many a pic, I'm sure.

Next year will include many exciting things. I'm looking forward to decorating our home and slowly planning our wedding (eep!). The planning should be tough but fun. A very dear friend has offered her amazing skillz to help us out and I couldn't be more thrilled by that. Another has offered her help with invites/stationary or just use of her awesome discount for DIY supplies for those types of things. I'm also excited to see my future sis-in-law get hitched in October. It should be a beautiful event to say the least!

I've got some big goals for 2011, too. I've got to get my fitness/eating bidness on TRACK. No more fooling around eating like there are no consequences. I don't want people to tell me I look pretty on my wedding day...I want them to whisper to one another that I look smokin' hot. ;-) I also hope to motivate myself to blog more. I'd like to share more of my outfit looks and chronicle the epic journey of house decorating and wedding planning. Stay don't want to miss any of the awesome. Ha!

So...auf Wiedrsehen, au revoir, hasta la vista. I'll see ya on the flip side....IN FRIGGIN 2011!!!