Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm Sorry!

A couple of days a week I run with a couple of ladies from work on the Katy Trail in Dallas. It's a beautiful trail and is great for people watching! Now...I've heard that Troy Aikman runs the Trail often, but typically in the morning. Don't think I'm a stalker...he posts it to his Twitter! That's the only reason I know! I swear! Whit, Alicia, and I are jogging/walking right over the Lemmon Lane bridge and I spot someone coming towards us that looks VERY familiar. But...I give pause because he looks a bit older and most of the people I know out that way would be around my age. I also notice that despite being "older" he's pretty damn hot. And rocking a GREAT body. So I keep staring. Thank goodness for cheap, large sunglasses! And then it dawns on me!

THAT HOT OLDER GUY IS TROY AIKMAN!!!!! Yes...the Super Bowl winning past quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys! Swooooooooon city, ladies! I must admit...I never thought he was very handsome back in the day. He looked like every other podunk QB with a dip in his lip to me. (The football players here in Texas are just born good looking so it's old hat to us ladies!) But my goodness...age has treated the man well.

So. To reference this post's title....

Dear Troy Aikman, I sincerely apologize for staring at you slack-jawed while you were jogging on the Katy Trail. I can only imagine how annoying it is to have people stare at you while working out. Please accept my apology...I've never seen a hero in action a mere few feet away from me. Thanks for all the great football memories! Sincerely, The Painted Daughter


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