Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I know. I suck. AKA This is for Whitney. ;-)

I would like to apologize to my legions of fans. I know you look forward to my ridiculously frequent posts. My wit and sharp fashion sense are a necessity in your life. I understand.

Bhahahahahahaahh! Who am I kidding? I go through long spells where I could care less about sharing with people. And starting around the July 4th holiday I just wasn't down with being all computer-y. Probably because I have been sick for the last month and sit at a computer all day at work. Also, I ordered some sweet, sweet books. I read Cop Without a Badge, which was fabulous. I also got the first eight books of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I just started #4 this morning before work.

On to the above picture...I have NO idea who to give credit for this one. If you know which blog I saw it on, please leave a comment. I would hate to break any bloggy rules for my snatching of the pic. It's title is something about Marie Antoinette. I think it's gorgeous and breathtaking. I also think it would make the MOST wonderful tattoo. My left arm needs some new adornment. The water color and lack of hard lines is really appealing to me. That would make it a great counter to all of my old school sailor tats on my right arm. I'm thinking the inner left arm. Where's it's nice and pale...and tender. Yikes! But one day...expect to see it! :-)

P.S. Are you happy now, Whit?

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