Thursday, January 20, 2011


I don't think I'll die if I don't get this diy done for you all...but I reallllllllly want lipstick the same color as the one Cate Blanchett wore to this month's Golden Globes. The bright, poppy pink is JUST what a pale, blue-eyed, (dyed) black haired chica like me needs.

Now, I'm sure Cate's makeup artist mixed 9 skillion different lippies together to get one gorgeous shade. That is lovely for such a special event but it is not realistic for this gal. I want to take this color with me everywhere. It is too pretty not to.

Beauty blog, Bella Sugar, suggested a few imitation lipsticks. None appear to be spot on, though.

The wonderful person (who has the same bday as me!) that runs the twitter account for Zuzii Shoes (@ZuziiShoes) suggested I get to diy'ing. (I'm sick with grief that I don't know that fab lady's *or man's* name!!!!)

I have a couple of colors that I think might make a good blend. One is the Revlon Strawberry Suede seen on the Bella Sugar list of suggestions. It's a great color, but it is no pink poppy. Tomorrow night I will venture out into the land of bloggy tutorialy/diy. By Monday, I hope to have some results and pics for you!

In the mean time, enjoy this:

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