Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, I found my camera. If you follow me on Twitter (@painteddaughter) you know the location fell into my brain while drinking coffee yesterday morning! Thanks, brain!

The only downside to this NYE was that my camera pooped out right before things got to going gooood. :-( Oh well.

Here's some snaps:

We had a big bonfire in a small fire pit.

We had shots shots shots shotshotshots!

Yiiiiiikes. Apparently that was a bit strong for Tony!

We burned a pizza box.

I got a sweet pic of Jacob's beard.

And this was, seriously, the only pic of the BF and me I was able to get. Ha! Keep in mind, this is completely unedited. I guess we didn't realize if we held our arms farther out we might actually fit the frame!

I hope everyone had a safe and awesome New Year's Eve. And I hope you all were better prepared for picture-taking than I was! :-)

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