Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'll be honest...I'm not the most Earth friendly gal. I try. I really do. I make sure to turn the water off while I'm brushing my teeth and try to run the dishwasher with an absurd amount of dishes in it. And just recently I added an extra $4 to my energy bill (yikes...extra $$$ to that bill?) in order to join this Drive Neutral project with Green Mountain Energy. I've utilized Green Mountain for years...I pay a wee bit more per kW but it makes me feel a bit better. The BeGreen Texas Driver program plants 17 trees in a national reforestation project with each $4. Supposedly the 17 trees offsets five metric tons of CO2. I face a grueling 60 mile round trip commute five days a week. I hate it. I hate sitting in traffic. I hate what I'm doing to the Earth. I hate what I'm doing to my wallet. I hate that DFW has such shitty, expensive, limited mass transit. So. I do what I can. And if that means adding four extra smackers to my electric bill...I'm cool with it. Click the link below to visit the BeGreen Texas Driver program info page. And look into what little things you can do in your community to help out. I think if we all give just a smidge we will accomplish a lot! Never takes a village!

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  1. Way to go with sending in the cash... I always feel like I "should" send in the extra to my utilities to support *whatever* cause, but seldom do. Yeah you!!!