Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twitter Twatter

Now...you can either pronounce that title twaht-ter or twaaaatter. Up to you. I prefer the first one because I have the humor of a 13 yr old boy. Hah. :)

Anyway...and yes, it is 'anyway' not 'anyways' with an s on the end. That drives me insane. I know I'm not a perfect writer and my grammar is questionable (I am from Texas...let's not kid ourselves!) but come on. There is no need for an s on 'anyway'. Also, if you're going to write me a bitchy email at work asking for your money back PLEASE make certain that muther-trucker has been edited by an English professor. PET PEEVE ALERT!

Sorry about the tangent...I'll get to the point now. I have a brand spanking new twitter account just for this here bloggity blog! Woot woot! Please follow me on Twitter. My new "handle" is @painteddaughter. Seeeee...it goes with the blog! And I like to call it a "handle". Not a twitter name or whatever we're supposed to call it. I'm trying to keep my original "handle" of @Ma_Jess for me personally. If you're following me there please follow me as @painteddaughter, too! It'll be fun! I swear! :)


1 comment:

  1. Yay!!! I'm SO glad to see you joined SITS. I have met some AMAZING ladies there!!!! Now we need to get you a button!

    Go to picnik... make one with Baxter Chico, he's totally a star ;-)